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GPS Series High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machines
GPS Series High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machines

GPS Series High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machines


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The Series electromagnetism resonance fatigue testing machines are used for test the fatigue property of metal material and component by the action of tension, compression or alternate load .If the relevant accessory are provided ,three-position bending test ,four-position bending test ,tension and compression of sheet sample test ,tension and compression of circle sample test , bolt , connecting rod , roller chain, crackle expanding test are available. The serial testing machines have been optimization design and the structure is rational . The Full Digitalization automatically pulse width modulation controlled system and new power amplifiers are adopted, which enhances the vastly the reliability of electrical system .The advantage of the Series machines are high efficiency, easy to shake , duration of shaking, low energy consummation ,high controlling accuracy ,small fluctuation and easy to operation. The matched computer software could storage the test data, print the test report and test curve, also could achieve the data processing and curve drawing of S-N, Frequency-time, load-time. The software is based on Windows XP.

Fatigue is a process of the material is engendered topo-perpetual accumulated damage by the action of cyclic stress and would crackle or rupture.

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